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We are Northern Ireland's premier Short Oval Motor Racing promotion, bringing you the very best in Stock Car, Hot Rod and Banger racing since 2003. We promote top flight race meetings at both Tullyroan Oval near Dungannon and Aghadowey Oval near Coleraine. From the high speed, high octane National Hot Rods, to the thrill a minute wreck 'em racing of the National Bangers, DMC Race Promotions have something for everyone, from the serious motorsport enthusiast to the family looking for a day out with a difference.

Coming Fixtures
Tullyroan Oval
27/7/2024 @ 6.30pm

1300 Stock Cars 2024 National Championship
Rookie Bangers 2024 Irish Teams Championship (Teams of 3)
Thunder Rods/Premier Rods Challenge

Lightning Rods
Junior Productions

Aghadowey Oval
10/8/2024 @ 6.30pm

National Hot Rods 2025 World Series NI Round 2
Unlimited National Bangers 2024 King of Aghadowey

Stock Rods
Thunder Rods
Ninja Karts

Tullyroan Oval
17/8/2024 @ 6.30pm

National Hot Rods 2025 World Series NI Round 3
2.0 Hot Rods The Lee Cherry Memorial Trophy 2024
Rookie Bangers 2024 Ulster Championship
Superstox The Moffett Shield 2024

Junior Productions



Roll of Honour
Junior Productions
British Championship
2023Lochgelly922 Joshua Murray
2022Aghadowey924 Jack Morrow

Irish Championship
2023Aghadowey262 Matthew Weir
2022Aghadowey924 Jack Morrow
2021Tullyroan262 Matthew Weir
2019Aghadowey917 Graham Meek
2018Aghadowey903 Adam McFall
2017Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2016Tullyroan958 Shea Duff
2015Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2014Tullyroan74 Bradley McKinstry
2013Tullyroan74 Bradley McKinstry
2012Tullyroan7 Jack Gilpin
2011Nuttscorner944 Derek McMillan
2010Nuttscorner944 Derek McMillan
2009Nuttscorner944 Derek McMillan
2008Nuttscorner409 Brendan McConnell
2007Nuttscorner46 Scott Cochrane
2006Nuttscorner54 Adam Hylands
2005Nuttscorner32 William Buller
2004Nuttscorner970 Shane Murray
2003Nuttscorner970 Shane Murray

NI Points Championship
2022/23n/a959 Ryan Berry
2021/22n/a924 Jack Morrow
2020/21n/a924 Jack Morrow
2019n/a917 Graham Meek
2018n/a984 Sam McNeice
2017n/a743 Drew McKeown
2016n/a743 Drew McKeown
2015n/a22 Chris Knipe
2014n/a944 Jordan Robinson
2013n/a74 Bradley McKinstry
2012n/a33 Daniel Campbell
2011n/a944 Derek McMillan
2010n/a944 Derek McMillan
2009n/a944 Derek McMillan

Irish Open Championship
2023Aghadowey929 Leyton Hughes
2022Tullyroan929 Leyton Hughes
2021Aghadowey924 Jack Morrow
2019Aghadowey698 Mark Crawford
2018Tullyroan903 Adam McFall

Open Scottish Championship
2023Lochgelly96 Callum Doak
2022Lochgelly924 Jack Morrow
2021Lochgelly262 Matthew Weir
2020Lochgelly924 Jack Morrow
2019Lochgelly902 Matthew Nicholl
2018Lochgelly917 Graham Meek

Tullyroan Challenge Cup
2023Tullyroan96 Callum Doak
2022Tullyroan991 Daniel Stewart
2021Tullyroan910 Aaron Ward
2019Tullyroan917 Graham Meek
2018Tullyroan984 Sam McNeice
2017Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2016Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2015Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2014Tullyroan117 Edmund Davis
2013Tullyroan117 Edmund Davis
2012Tullyroan48 Stuart Cochrane

King/Queen of Aghadowey
2023Aghadowey333 Andrew Russell
2022Aghadowey991 Daniel Stewart
2021Aghadowey924 Jack Morrow
2019Aghadowey698 Mark Crawford
2018Aghadowey917 Graham Meek
2017Aghadowey743 Drew McKeown
2016Aghadowey958 Shea Duff
2015Aghadowey958 Shea Duff
2014Aghadowey946 Caoimh Donnelly

Golden Helmet
2023Tullyroan914 Casey Cherry
2022Tullyroan933 Sam Percy
2021Tullyroan924 Jack Morrow
2020Tullyroan984 Sam McNeice
2019Tullyroan917 Graham Meek
2018Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2017Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2016Tullyroan743 Drew McKeown
2015Tullyroan902 Matthew Nicholl
2014Tullyroan911 Shane McMillan
2013Tullyroan117 Ed Davis
2012Nuttscorner33 Daniel Campbell

This is a list of honours obtained by DMC Race Promotions competitors in major and domestic championship races since the promotion was formed in 2003.


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